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About DevDrawer

DevDrawer is the Youtube channel where you can find "Tutorials Made By Developers for Developers". Join me as I discuss programming in a way that can help you get started. All projects I create are based on a need I have had in my career or are something I want to learn. I have almost two decades of experience with PHP, C#, VB, SQL, MySQL as well as many front end languages. My primary stack is LAMP but I am familiar with other stacks.

Join in and learn step by step how to build web and software applications from start to finish.

Who is @thedevdrawer?

I have been developing since I was 12 years old. I wrote my first program by the time I was 15. I have owned 2 businesses and am currently partners on 2 more. My career in website and software development spans almost 3 decades. In this time, I have worked for many companies, from fortune 500 companies to small agencies in almost every position you can think of from entry-level developer to director. During this time, I learn a lot about various programming languages, have trained or taught hundres of students and professionals and yet, I always did it for someone else.

I created this channel on Youtube as a way to do something for myself. I wanted to share my knowledge and track my thoughts as well as my experiences in programming. I have learned a lot of right ways to do things, and a lot of wrong ways to do things. I hope this Youtube channel will help prevent some new developers from making some of the same mistakes I did when I first started.

I have always been curious about programming and learning new languages. I hope to create an archive of my thoughts as I try out new languages so I can reference back later or help someone needing to find the same answers I found.

Become A Part of DevDrawer

I created this companion website for the DevDrawer Youtube channel to document some of the finder things I talk about in my Youtube tutorials, but I am open to other authors who are knowledgeable in programming. If you are interested in helping me create blog articles, let's write some new content. If you are interested in partnering with me for sponsored content on this website or on my Youtube channel, let me know. Anything helps me reach my goal and if you have an amazing product you want everyone to know about, let's talk.

If neither of those fit you, you can still become part of the community by subscribing and commenting on the videos I create. You never know what you might see in my videos and maybe one day it will help you figure out an issue that has you stumped. Join me on Youtube for my in-depth tutorials on programming, servers, hosting, and techniques.

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