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Implementing reCAPTCHA V3
June, 25 20220 0

If you are being bothered by spam and bot submissions on your website or a client website, reCAPTCHA...

recaptcha, javascript, tutorial, php

AJAX and Fetch API Crash Courses
June, 01 20220 6

In my career, I have used both AJAX and Fetch API (more recently). If you have ever had to get remote...

ajax, javascript, fetch, php

PHP CLI Development Introduction
April, 27 20220 7

If you are not familiar with CLI, then this is the perfect introduction for you. In this tutorial, I...

php, cli, tutorial, programming

Install WordPress from CLI
April, 26 20221 9

At my agency, we do a lot of work with WordPress. If you are also a WordPress developer, you may be...

wordpress, terminal, cmd, install

Single Page Application Routing Using Hash or URL
March, 26 20223 78

One of the most asked code questions during a front-end interview is "Can you create a single page...

routing, javascript, tutorial, hash

What's New in PHP 8.1?
March, 17 20224 8

If you are still using PHP 7 then this article is for you. There is some highly-requested...

php, webdev, tutorial, productivity

Create A Simple PHP Server Using VSCode Tasks
January, 19 20220 7

Learn how to use Visual Studio Code tasks to build a PHP server without XAMPP or WAMP. In this...

vscode, build, task, tutorial

JSON Web Tokens without Firebase JWT
December, 28 20210 3

I have created a few tutorials on how to use Firebase JWT to create and use JSON Web Tokens, but I...

firebase, jwt, json, php

Become A JavaScript Console Expert
November, 28 20214 84

I used to use the console.log a lot. I still do, but I used to, too. However, my usage of the...

javascript, webdev, productivity

Login Validation & Authentication Using Vanilla Javascript
September, 21 20210 21

In this tutorial, we will create a form validator for a simple login page using HTML, SASS, and...

javascript, saas, html, vscode