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Create A Restaurant Bill and Tip Calculator in JavaScript
November, 08 20230 6

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a simple restaurant bill and tip calculator using...

webdev, javascript, beginners, programming

Creating A Single Page Application Using Mustache and PHP
March, 24 20230 10

Ever wanted to master Mustache single-page application development? Did you know you can use PHP with...

mustache, php, html, tutorial

Learn the Basics of RegEx in JavaScript
February, 22 20233 7

In JavaScript, regular expressions (RegEx) can be used to match strings or parts of strings. To...

regex, javascript, tutorial, programming

How to Count Words and Characters in JavaScript
January, 18 202313 10

Most if not all developers have used some sort of character counter online to validate SEO, or to...

javascript, beginners, tutorial, productivity

An Introduction to Laravel Development: Features, Benefits, and Getting Started
January, 03 20230 2

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework used for web application development. It was created...

laravel, php, webdev, tutorial

Which PHP Framework Should You Use in 2023?
December, 09 202212 10

If you're looking to start a new project or update an existing one, then be sure to check out this...

php, laravel, frameworks, webdev

Digital Clock with Alarm in JavaScript + HTML
October, 04 20220 11

Have you ever wanted to build your own alarm clock but lacked the tools and hardware needed? Well,...

javascript, tutorial, webdev, beginners

Simple Countdown Timer Using JavaScript
September, 20 20223 4

One of the standard tools you need to know how to do in JavaScript to manipulate time. To...

javascript, css, tutorial, beginners

Dynamically Create A PDF Using PHP
September, 02 20220 8

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use PPH to dynamically create a PDF. We will be using...

php, tutorial, webdev, programming

Collapse / Expand Sidebar Menu Using JavaScript, HTML, & CSS
July, 25 20220 14

Learn how to collapse / expand a sidebar menu using JavaScript, HTML, & CSS only. In this...

javascript, webdev, beginners, tutorial

Geolocation Tutorial - Get User Location using Vanilla JS
July, 05 20220 8

If you often use maps on your website, you may be interested in getting the geolocation of your...

javascript, api, tutorial, beginners

Implementing reCAPTCHA V3
June, 25 20220 15

If you are being bothered by spam and bot submissions on your website or a client website, reCAPTCHA...

recaptcha, javascript, tutorial, php

AJAX and Fetch API Crash Courses
June, 01 20220 9

In my career, I have used both AJAX and Fetch API (more recently). If you have ever had to get remote...

ajax, javascript, fetch, php

PHP CLI Development Introduction
April, 27 20220 7

If you are not familiar with CLI, then this is the perfect introduction for you. In this tutorial, I...

php, cli, tutorial, programming

Install WordPress from CLI
April, 26 20221 9

At my agency, we do a lot of work with WordPress. If you are also a WordPress developer, you may be...

wordpress, terminal, cmd, install

Single Page Application Routing Using Hash or URL
March, 26 20225 44

One of the most asked code questions during a front-end interview is "Can you create a single page...

routing, javascript, tutorial, hash

What's New in PHP 8.1?
March, 17 20224 8

If you are still using PHP 7 then this article is for you. There is some highly-requested...

php, webdev, tutorial, productivity

Create A Simple PHP Server Using VSCode Tasks
January, 19 20220 7

Learn how to use Visual Studio Code tasks to build a PHP server without XAMPP or WAMP. In this...

vscode, build, task, tutorial

JSON Web Tokens without Firebase JWT
December, 28 20212 4

I have created a few tutorials on how to use Firebase JWT to create and use JSON Web Tokens, but I...

firebase, jwt, json, php

Become A JavaScript Console Expert
November, 28 20214 84

I used to use the console.log a lot. I still do, but I used to, too. However, my usage of the...

javascript, webdev, productivity

Login Validation & Authentication Using Vanilla Javascript
September, 21 20213 15

In this tutorial, we will create a form validator for a simple login page using HTML, SASS, and...

javascript, saas, html, vscode