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AJAX / Fetch API Crash Course - #90

Published: June 01, 2022 | DevDrawer

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1 minutes
Video Duration
33:41 minutes

Have you ever had to decide between Fetch API and AJAX? When you are needing to get data from a remote API or PHP file, you have a few options within JavaScript. In this tutorial, I show you how to do it both ways. You can use jQuery for AJAX or vanilla JS for Fetch API.

AJAX has been tried and tested for years within jQuery and at one point was the go-to method. With Vanilla JS making a considerable comeback, new options like the built-it Fetch API are used more often. This is mostly due to its ease of use and since it is built into JavaScript, you no longer need a framework or library to use it.

00:00 Intro

01:21 Setup Our File Structure

02:56 Create Our index.html

06:28 Building Our jQuery AJAX Request

10:33 Building Our PHP File JSON (insert API if needed)

15:25 Formatting JSON AJAX Responses

20:04 Building Our Fetch API Request

27:06 Formatting JSON Fetch API Responses

30:19 Finishing Up

32:54 Course Announcement

Download tutorial files here:

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