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Dynamically Create A PDF Using PHP - #96

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Published: September 02, 2022

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1 minutes
Video Duration
31:15 minutes

Learn how to dynamically create a PDF using PHP. Whether you are generating invoices, receipts, or just displaying PDFs, this is a great tool to know and use. Learn how to install and use mPDF to create pages, and add content, images, and barcodes. We even how to password-protect your PDFs and customize the header and footers using dates and paging.

We go through some basic PHP to build out your PDF. This tutorial should be easy to follow and implement.

0:00 Intro

01:00 Start PHP Server

01:48 Install mPDF with Composer

02:33 Create A Blank PDF

04:40 PDF Document Properties

05:45 Adding Content

13:34 Header and Footer

16:14 Create A Watermark

17:43 Add A Stylesheet

24:21 Add A Barcode

25:45 PDF Orientation

26:10 Pass Protection

27:29 Output (Visual, Download, Save)

Learn how to run a PHP server build in VS Code:

View all of your options using mPDF here:

View Project on GitHub: After the premiere

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