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VSCode Tips and Tricks to Use In 2022 - #85

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Published: February 03, 2022

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1 minutes
Video Duration
14:14 minutes

I have been asked about my VSCode tips and tricks to use in 2022. In this tutorial, I will go over some of my best tips and tricks to make your work in VSCode easier and faster. We go over Emmet (setup and usage), the VSCode integrated terminal (setup and usage), and much more.

This video tutorial will help boost your productivity within VSCode using built-in features made for developers. Let me know what tips you have for making work faster in VSCode, I would love to hear them.

0:00 Intro

01:32 Include Languages to Emmet

03:17 Lorem Ipsum using Emmet

05:15 Autosave

07:16 Default Terminal and Setup

10:05 Terminal Problems and Solutions

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