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111. Create A Tip Calculator Using JavaScript
110. How to Collect Data from an External API using Node and Axios
109. NodeJS Demystified: Unlocking Styling and Data Wizardry
108. Learning NodeJS: Routing and Templates
107. Learning NodeJS: Setup and Starting Your Server
106. 10-Minute Python Tutorial: Build a Random Fortune Generator
105. Mastering Mustache and PHP for SPA Development
104. Unlock The Power of RegEx! JavaScript Tutorial
103. How to Count Words and Characters in JavaScript
102. Which PHP Framework Should You Use in 2023?
101. WordPress 6.1 Update: What's New & Changed
99. How to Show and Hide the Password Field in JavaScript
98. Digital Clock with Alarm in JavaScript + HTML
97. Simple Countdown Timer Using JavaScript
96. Dynamically Create A PDF Using PHP
95. Automatically Generate CSS Using Live Sass Compiler - Easy Set Up
93. Let's Build an HTML Website Together
93. Collapse / Expand Sidebar Menu Using JavaScript, HTML, & CSS
92. Geolocation Tutorial - Get User Location using Vanilla JS
91. Implementing reCAPTCHA v3
90. AJAX / Fetch API Crash Course
89. PHP CLI Development Intro
or URL - . Vanilla JS Single Page Application Routes |
87. What's new in PHP 8.1
86. How To Use .htaccess Files - Advanced Tips and Tricks
85. VSCode Tips and Tricks to Use In 2022
84. Template Literals (Template Strings) Using ES6 JavaScript
83. Use VS Code Tasks to Build A PHP Server
81. JSON Web Tokens with Firebase JWT
80. Vanilla JS Login System Using A Custom API Full Series
79. Become A JavaScript Console Expert
78. Convert HTML to React From An Existing Website
77. CSS Only Frosted Glass Effect
76. JS Fetch with PHP RESTful API, Login Authentication
74. Create JSON Using PHP and MySQL, A Simple API
74. Login Validation & Authentication, Javascript Tutorial
72. Introducing GitHub's FREE Web-based Editor
72. 👩‍💻 How to Create a GitHub Repository! (Using VS Code Command-Line)
71. .htaccess Tutorial - Directives You Need to Know
70. Load Classes Automatically In OOP PHP with an Autoloader
69. CSS and JavaScript Light/Dark Theme Toggle
68. Beginner Vanilla JavaScript - To Do Application
67. Use JavaScript to Create A Weather Forecast
66. Create Your Own Password Generator Using Javascript
65. Build An eCommerce Website, Dynamic Shopping Cart, Part 4
64. Build An eCommerce Website, Login & Authentication, Part 3
63. Build An eCommerce Website, Design and CSS, Part 2
62. Build An eCommerce Website Using An API, Part 1
61. Use CSS and HTML to Build the Star Wars Intro
60. Finishing the Development for Our Custom Website
59. Creating WordPress Single Pages & Contact Forms for Our Custom Website
58. Creating WordPress Post Types and Meta Boxes for Our Custom Website
57. Creating A Home Page for Our Custom Website
56. How to Install & Setup Elementor for Our Custom Website
55. How to Setup Our Theme Files for Our Custom Website
54. How To Do The Design Process of Our Custom Website
53. Google Chrome Developer Tools Crash Course
52. My VS Code Setup 2021
51. Adding Meta Boxes to Our Custom WordPress Plugin, Part 4
50. Adding Shortcodes to Our Custom WordPress Plugin, Part 3
49. Adding A Custom Post Type to Our Custom WordPress Plugin, Part 2
48. How to Build A Custom WordPress Plugin, Part 1
47. Swagger and Authentication Full Series
46. Hybird App Development with SammyJS Full Series
45. Create Reusable Modules Using SASS, Part 3
44. Building Elements using SASS, Part 2
43. Let's Recreate Bootstrap using Sass, Part 1
42. Setup and Use Git + GItHub with VS Code
41. Install and Setup WPForms (Giveaway)
41. PHP CRUD Application Development Full Series
40. Laravel Controllers and Functions
39. Laravel Routes and Variables
38. Adding Boostrap and Auth to Laravel Using Laravel/UI
37. Install and Set Up Laravel with Composer
36. How to Design a Website as a Developer
35. Building An App with Cordova (Using SammyJS and a Custom PHP API), Part 8
34. Using AJAX to set REST API Tokens, Part 7
33. Add Security and JWT Tokenization to Your PHP REST API, Part 6
32. Create Pages in Applications using PHP REST API, Part 5
31. Create REST API Documentation with Swagger UI using PHP, Part 4
30. Install Swagger UI Documentation for Your PHP RESTful API, Part 3
29. How to Start Web Development in 2021, A Quick Guide
28. Use Postman to Test Your PHP REST API, Part 2
27. Use PHP to Build Your Own REST API, Part 1
26. Render CSV and Insert Data into Database Using PHP
25. Dynamically Adding Content Using An API and SammyJS, Part 3
24. Integrate AJAX Into Hybrid App with SammyJS, Part 2
23. Build A Hybrid Web App Using SammyJS, Cordova, and HTML - Setup SammyJS, Part 1
22. Live Server Extension in Visual Studio Code - Best Practices and Setup
22. Cars and Logs + Scoring | Making Crossy Road For My Kids | DevLog
21. Creating Trees and Bushes | Making Crossy Road For My Kids | DevLog
20. Building A Player Object | Making Crossy Road For My Kids | DevLog
19. Making Crossy Road For My Kids | DevLog
18. Setup Apache Virtual Hosts The Easy Way
17. Install LAMP on your Virtual Linux Server
16. Build A Linux Server For Less Than $100
15. PHP Object-Oriented Programming - Inheritance & Traits
14. PHP Object-Oriented Programming - The Basics
13. How To Create A Website in 15 Minutes (Using WordPress)
12. Transfer a Website from Development to Production, Part 5
11. WordPress Theme Development - Routes and Shortcodes, Part 4
10. WordPress Theme Development - Custom Meta & Shortcodes, Part 3
9. WordPress Theme Development - Custom Post Types, Part 2
8. WordPress Theme Development - The Basics, Part 1
7. How to Install WordPress
6. PHP CRUD - Page and User Authentication, Part 6
5. PHP CRUD - Security and Login, Part 5
4. PHP CRUD - Session and Customization, Part 4
3. PHP CRUD - AJAX and Form Validation, Part 3
2. PHP CRUD - Bootstrap, FontAwesome, and DataTables, Part 2
1. PHP CRUD - Database and Getting Started, Part 1

All Blog Articles